Monday, October 27, 2014

Full Circle

I have brought the title of the story of Ana and her Ethan back to its origin. 

What was for a year, The Honey Witch, shall once more be known as, The Evangeline Heresy.

The title was changed in 2013 for simplicity's sake; however, the story is composed of mystery interwoven with the threads of a dark magic realism and I have come to feel that its sojourn as, The Honey Witch, may have forsaken its original texture. 

Sunday, August 31, 2014

The Supernatural Unbound: The Evangeline Heresy

When considering the inspiration behind the character of Ana Lagori in, The Evangeline Heresy, I want to say: "Take all you might believe about the witch, and even what you don't believe, and toss it to the wild wind." 

The supernatural creature in literature is often viewed as either good or evil, beautiful or blatantly unattractive. Within these bounds of moral or physical attributes and flaws, the character is expected to follow certain precepts.  The werewolf shifts by the light of the full Moon; the vampire sleeps by day (until sparkling by sunlight...rousing glorious debate); the witch is viewed as one who, by way of ritual or spell, helps or hinders and in folklore it is most frequently the latter.

I imagined the supernatural character of Ana Lagori a little differently.  Like the earth, itself, she is neither wholly predictable nor unpredictable. Like the undefinable, she is neither beautiful nor unattractive; neither understood nor misunderstood.  She is her own power.  Although taken from mythological meanderings, I wanted no preconceived expectations to limit her capability.  Ultimately, she is the enigma I wanted her to be.

The cultivated New England biologist, Dr. Ethan Broughton, comes into the story restricted by his preconceptions about science, about nature, about reality and illusion.  He is a haunted character; a man fighting his own demons and clinging to the belief that there is always a rational explanation; even if that explanation is, by definition, mere chimera.

The Evangeline Heresy invites the reader to journey into a realm of shaded enchantments and mirrors within mirrors in a place called Porringer Hill...where it is said a most extraordinary witch  resides.

Night and her Daughter Sleep - by Mary L. Macomber (1902)

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

The Gilded October

There are those who have walked among us 
whose presence is not of our own time, and
  through a portal they may slip when we are unaware. 

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

The Evangeline Heresy~

Dr. Ethan Broughton is a biologist from Boston looking for a botanical answer.
Ana Lagori is an herbalist residing on Porringer Hill in East Tennessee.  

Ethan believes Ana to be a more proficient actress than skilled folk healer. 

He couldn't be more dangerously wrong.

*Briefly published as The Honey Witch

Wednesday, November 2, 2011


I have come to compose a story...
in my fashion.